Switched on Metal



01. Mr. Crowley (originally by Ozzy Ozbourne)
02. Arise (originally by Sepultura)
03. Jump (originally by Van Halen)
04. War Pigs (originally by Black Sabbath)
05. Living on a Prayer (originally by Bon Jovi)
06. No Mercy (originally by Slayer)
07. Kashmir (originally by Led Zepplin)
08. Shout at the devil (originally by Motley Crue)
09. Miracleman (originally by Ozzy Ozbourne)
10. Breakin the Law (originally by Judas Priest)
11. Wait and Bleed (originally by Slipknot)


When I was a kid I remember vividly, then, Walter Carlos’ monumental classic “Switched-on bach”.  Which began my life long obsession over the synthesizer.  With the spirit of that in mind my path was clear. This one is for Wendy Carlos…  Your awesome.



  1. Not so much a comment on this album as on all of the work here on this page–I’ve only heard bits and pieces but I’m very impressed. Keep up the good work.

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