01 A new beginning
02 Don’t know why
03 Unamed
04 Keep Me Moving
05 Overflown
06 Let your hair down
08 Building me up
09 Unending
09 Blind


Here it is, finally. SolarFlower is a return to form on the 20th anniversary of VIRUS, I decided to go back to the dance floor and create tracks in the spirit of what we were after back then. It has been a fun ride creating this one. Dedicated to that very special woman in my life, keep on moving baby, you make my whole world smile.

Virus Oddities available for download

At long last I have uploaded the Oddities Volume 1 & 2 to the virus section. These were self released limited editions sold on the festival circuit back in 2001. Now here they are for all to enjoy, two discs of demo’s and out-takes from our years as virus. From the earliest 4-track recordings to our Myx records days with Scotty, these two discs are everything that wasn’t released. Well that is listenable.

Mors Tua Vita Mea with Viktoria Matthews

Mors Tua Vita Mea
with Viktoria Matthews
01. The Carrion Libarian
02. The Cheap Squeeze
03. Red Mist
04. Slip n Slide
05. Apis
06. Camouflage
07. Five Finger Discount
08. Walking, eyes closed into the void


A collaboration between myself and the very talented and always beautiful Viktoria Matthews. Recorded over the course of the year 2009 out of sessions traded back and forth across the internet. Album art by Viktoria!! Go to her myspace and listen to more of her awesome tunage! She rocks!

Big 80s ego trippin

Big 80s Ego Trippin
01. Daddy got an SK1
02. Stand by for Funtime
03. DEMO
04. PBS
05. I beat Zelda
06. Skinny Fingers
07. Smoking Cloves
08. Synthacide
09. Ebbhead
10. Voltaire System Dub
11. Something is wrong with this one


I stumbled across this picture of myself from the mid eighties and thought about the music i would have created then if i had the tools i had now. This is a tribute to the music that inspired me then.


Switched on Metal



01. Mr. Crowley (originally by Ozzy Ozbourne)
02. Arise (originally by Sepultura)
03. Jump (originally by Van Halen)
04. War Pigs (originally by Black Sabbath)
05. Living on a Prayer (originally by Bon Jovi)
06. No Mercy (originally by Slayer)
07. Kashmir (originally by Led Zepplin)
08. Shout at the devil (originally by Motley Crue)
09. Miracleman (originally by Ozzy Ozbourne)
10. Breakin the Law (originally by Judas Priest)
11. Wait and Bleed (originally by Slipknot)


When I was a kid I remember vividly, then, Walter Carlos’ monumental classic “Switched-on bach”.  Which began my life long obsession over the synthesizer.  With the spirit of that in mind my path was clear. This one is for Wendy Carlos…  Your awesome.

Primer – 2002 to 2009

2002 to 2009

01. Rock on America
02. Hhoeli
03. I’m Alive
04. Zoopy
05. The last of our kind
06. In times of doubt
07. Boogie on Baby
08. Servant (feat. Stefan Scott)
09. The Bohemian Society
10. Masada
11. Superjam 2000
12. Rockabye – Avatar Hassles (feat. Col Keepright)
13. Faster and Faster (feat. Quad B)
14. I’m not in love (feat. Col Keepright)
15. Various Interpretations of wow
16. Emmanuelle finds herself
17. Tralala
18. Falling from heaven burnt my wings
19. Finding refuge in stone
20. She spoke to me in whispher
21. At once she touched, my heart then sings
22. Hollow Earth (in the shadow)
23. Could You
24. Because
25. Carrion Librarian (feat. Viktoria Matthews)
26. Preternatural (feat Viktoria Matthews)
27. Citizen (feat. Viktoria Matthews)
28. PBS


The Wormsign Primer is a collection of my favorite tracks, demos, and out-takes from the archive.  The last four tracks are from the forth coming album “Big 80s ego trippin” due out this fall.  For now dig your teeth into 28 tracks taken from the original masters and encoded at 320 to keep it clean.  If your new to wormsign, this is a good place to start.

Songs for the Scarlet Woman

wormsignscarletwomanSongs for the Scarlet Woman
An Apocryphal sound ritual by Wormsign
2008 w013
01. Falling from Heaven burnt my wings
02. Adrift on the Marbled Orb
03. Finding refuge in a stone
04. Living in HIS shadow
05. She spoke to me in whisper, Diana
06. Narcisis bends the knee
07. It seems so far away now
08. At once she touched, My heart then sings
09. A new day breaks, A new day born


The Heretic part one

The HERETIC part one
An Apocryphal sound ritual by Wormsign
2007 w012
Cover Art by Col. Keepright from Noisetank

01. All Beginnings All Endings
02. Waking up with the World on Fire
03. The Last walk down a Dimly Lit Tunnel
04. Hindsight – Looking back it becomes clear
05. Magnetic Aftermath of a Decomposing Sun