Big 80s ego trippin

Big 80s Ego Trippin
01. Daddy got an SK1
02. Stand by for Funtime
03. DEMO
04. PBS
05. I beat Zelda
06. Skinny Fingers
07. Smoking Cloves
08. Synthacide
09. Ebbhead
10. Voltaire System Dub
11. Something is wrong with this one


I stumbled across this picture of myself from the mid eighties and thought about the music i would have created then if i had the tools i had now. This is a tribute to the music that inspired me then.



    1. I used a sample from an old recording that I did when I was a kid and had a sk1. It’s part of the drum loop.

      1. Very cool. I used an SK1 way back. Actually have one now. I don’t use it, but I have one.
        I had heard you guys did some work with Deitiphobia at one point. If so, what did you work on?

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