VIRUS 1993-2000

Back in the early nineties I met stefan nelson and james smith from boston.  We would all find ourselves in different bands and such until I asked stefan to join me in my new project, virus.  We went on to release albums, get ripped off, do some “interesting” live shows, and live the dream.  It was a crazy time and it was an era of great creative output for us.  Later we were joined by the amazing vocalist stefanie dosen and in our live incarnations my then wife shawna.  Interesting chapter that brought us to cali.  Another lifetime.


1994 – Our first record was a korg 01w and a couple of eps samplers run through a rented mixing board into a DAT.  Pretty nuts looking back.  My mother was kind enough to put forth the funding to print up 1000 of them.  I still have a box or two in my garage.

orange01. Intro
02. large
03. lush
04. blind
05. air castles
06. ice
07. higher
08. shelter
09. polyester
10. stranded
11. understand
12. untitled (with hidden track)



The label wanted a remaster of the album and back then that meant loading everything up again and starting over.  So we changed some things here and there.  Sped some songs up.  Took a couple tracks off for copyright reasons.  Added our first colabo with the angelic Stehpanie Dosen.    The mastering on this album was messed up from some bass enhancer scott was trying out.  I like the first version better.

VirusAnalogue201. Intro
02. large
03. lush
04. blind
05. air castles
06. ice
07. Visions (feat. Stephanie Dosen)
08. shelter
09. polyester
10. stranded
11. understand
12. Solace
13. Design
14. 68141



Not released as virus, Ambient theology was the name the label came up with for this project.  Our second album and we go ambient.  At the time crazy, but it worked to our favor.  I think it’s a great work taken front to back.  Meant to be listened to in one long setting.  We had a studio at this point and we thought we were the orb or something.

VirusAmbient01. Track One
02. Track two
03. Track three
04. Track four
05. Track five
06. Track six
07. Track seven
08. Track eight
09. Track nine
10. Track ten



So we did analogue and ambient theology and people seemed to like us.  So it was time to get heady.  Odd was originally released as a double album.  The first disc is the ambient moody techno we were known for, while the second disc was more song structured with vocals by Stephanie Dosen.  We wanted to morph into an acutal band at this time and started playing shows with me on guitar and keys, stefan on drums, stephanie on vocals and Shawna on bass.  The album met with great reviews.  The ripoff artists that released the album are still selling burned off copies on their site and it says it’s still one of their best selling releases.

VirusOdd01. Intro
02. floatboat
03. outside
04. homeless
05. slide
06. nocternity
07. switch
08. no time to stop
09. reload
10. Sine
11. silent
12. forest
13. angels
14. sun
15. absalom
16. not now
17. visions (remix)
18. forest (quiet mix)
19. silent return


VIRUS – The Bubblebaby Experience

Oh bubblebaby.  Should have been so much more.  We had been playing live and the shows were these extended keyboard and percussion jams.  Loads of fun and a lot of BIG FAT analog keyboards.  So I came up with this idea for The bubblebaby experience thing.  Yada Yada hard drive failure or something and boom we have no record.  So we jammed this collection of tunes together and shoved it out there to fulfill the labels needs.  Everyone had a bad taste in their mouths by this point and the album has alot of bad vibes attatched to it.  But in the end now looking back.  I love it.

VirusBubble01. Inside
02. Slipstream
03. VCO
04. Byte
05. Open
06. Freedom
07. Lift
08. Alright
09. The big blue
10. Bubblebaby


VIRUS – ODDITIES 1990-1996

This is a collection of demos and early experiments that lead to the first album. As well we have a couple bonus pieces in The UFO (be afraid mix) from the Larry Norman Remix project and a Forest (Big Mix) a remix that turned up on the internet from the talented Jesse Graffam.

Oddities was self released in limited numbers as a two disc CDR set and sold exclusively at festivals limited to 500 hand signed copies. Part two is 1996-2001 and collects demos and unused material from the end of the virus years.

01. Open
02. Decent
03. Evil Free
04. Falling
05 first Song
06. Frapp
07. Hello
08. Kick it one time
09. What you Gon play Na
10. Long Distance Echo
11. Our Lady Of Gaudalupe
12. Progression Part One
13. Progression Part Two
14. Runner
15. Strange Fruit
16. Forest (Video Mix)
17. UFO (be afraid mix)
18. Forest (Big Mix)


VIRUS – ODDITIES 1996-2001

The second volume of out-takes and rarities that we produced but never released in our later years.

01. Metropolis 2
02. Home
03. Revolutions
04. Superket
05. Breaku
06. Don’t Say He’s Crazy
07. Terrestrial
08. This Groove Is Bad
09. Warning
10. Smooth Operator
11. In the air
12. Don’t You Say He’s Crazy 2




  1. this is still one of my all time favorite albums, although i believe i had the green cover album, slightly different… lost the case and artwork, but still have the cassette. I think “odd” was a solid album too, and the addition of vocals here and there was great. if you feel like parting with a copy from your garage ($?) let me know!

  2. Odd kicks ass.
    Pure and simple, even for these two tracks ALONE:
    Not Now.

    These other ones are just so damn good, its hard to order them… : (

    Other tracks that I love from wormsign:
    The Longest Dream.
    UFO Be Afraid.
    State of the union.
    I saw the Sky.
    Approaching Light Speed – (THIS track has the BEST drum sequence… I want to grow an extra three arms to be able to play it all!!!)

    Finally… SOMEONE P.L.E.A.S.E! get me the lyrics for Absolom!!! 😀

    1. Thanks Tavis.

      As far as lyrics… the only one who knows that mystery is stephanie herself and she’s mums on it. Honestly at the time we were really into the cocteau twins and the idea of making up your own word images. In all likelihood. They only mean something to stephanie herself. We were not into placing meaning on our music, but rather letting the music conjure whatever images the listener brought with them. Participate in the experience rather than be spoon-fed. They are, in the end, what you want them to be.

      I will post Bubblebaby and Oddities soon.

      1. If you could email me the lyrics, that would be awesome…
        (at your leisure – hey its taken me 2 years to reply)

        Contact at lazerage-cs dot com

        PS, Greg…
        I just bought my first totally outdated, outmoded, redundant, entirely retro and totally awesome Minidisc player!

        Always wanted one, and now I can rock the ages with your awesome music on my awesomely PROTECTED digitally recordable medium!

        Minidisc… it’s the DeLorean of portable music media, brought back from the past into m future.

        Rock-on, retro style.

        : ]

    2. Hello,

      I like the sound of Virus, but I’m kind of an “audio nerd”. So, is there any chance to get the audio files in lossless quality? For example in the Flac format.

      Thank you! 🙂

      1. Sorry, don’t have em myself at this point. the DAT masters have died and I don’t even own cds of my stuff. There was a site that had flac versions of the albums, but I don’t know if it is around any longer.

      2. The beginning of Love from Ambient Theology is flow over from the previous song. There just so happens to be a track cut. If you listen to the CD in whole, it will actually flow.

    3. I remember when we bought this album 🙂 funny to see your comment here from 10 years ago right before your birthday… still an amazing sound its nice pulling it out again to here the journey.

  3. Greg, I want you to know how incredibly influential these albums (Analogue & Odd) were to me growing up. Analogue was the first album I purchased after getting the N*soul sampler that featured your tune. I listened to that album non-stop for a long time and listening to it now still brings back memories. Also, I’m pretty sure I freaked out when I ran into “odd” on the store shelves of our local Berean Christian book store.

    I still owe you a copy of the short film we used “forest” in. I still don’t have a personal copy of it though, and it’s been 5 years so I doubt that’s gonna change.

    For what it’s worth what N*stink did to you guys and other artists is a sad thing. I pray God can show them mercy for if it was up to me they would get none. 🙂

  4. Awesome to find this site! Sorry about the bad rap w/the label – unfortunetely I see/hear that a from waaaaay too many artists who start out in the Christian industry . . .

    I regularly enjoy listening to Odd – particularly the second disc w/the vocals. I’ve got over 1000 discs and running, and that’s still got to be about the best ambient I’ve got!

    I look forward to seeing/hearing what else you’ve been up to as I peruse the rest of your site.

    Thanks again for sharing!


  5. I’ve got a mp3’s from (my copy of) the bubblebaby cd, if that’d help. You obviously have it too, but there you go.

  6. hello!

    you have made some very beautiful music. especially virus. i love the ambient theology album. why the name, though? there is nothing theological about it that i can hear. perhaps ambient spirituality is what is actually meant? i am very curious to know this.

    also, i have a very big favor to ask. the track titled ‘love’ – last track on ambient theology – has a strange beginning. like another song accidentally played for a few seconds. it is bothering me. i would so very much appreciate if i could get a copy of ‘love’ without that problem. is there any way you can provide me with it? maybe you would have to go back to the original masters, yes?

    anyway, thank you for your music. it is wonderful beyond description.


    this is a email sent a month ago to virusworldindustries, posted here because of still no reply. 🙂

    1. That would be impossible at this point. I only have cd’s of the songs myself. The DAT master have fallen apart and died long ago. The title was not our choice. I wanted to release this as virus, but the label prevailed.

      Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  7. Greg, I love your music. You joked about thinking you guys were The Orb. Well, that’s not quite true – you’re BETTER than The Orb! I am so happy to find this site, so I can listen to these great tunes again. And also find more of your music that I didn’t even know existed.

    There’s something really special about your work.

    I listened to a lot of N’Soul / Myx music back in the day. I would really like to know the story of how it all went down with you, how you got a contract, the reality vs. the dream, what it was like working with Scott Blackwell, what happened to the label, etc. I bet there’s some stories there. Not necessarily good ones. I’d also like to know what you mean about some “other” guys stealing your Odd album. Just putting that out there if you ever feel like sharing.

    I like Dune, and got the Wormsign reference immediately 🙂 Video games were also a huge part of my childhood. Hell, they still are! I’m looking forward to listening to that album.

    Best of luck to you! Wishing you lots of success!

    1. Thanks Man! That’s cool to hear. I’ll pass that on to stefan about being better than the orb. The story of what happened back in the day is out there on the net if you search. We had alot of fun and met some cool people and made some music. In the end it was worth it all and less of a bad thing. At the time of course it was shattering dreams and expectations and that made it seem much worse. I harbor no ill will over it any longer, though it is really tacky that nsoul continues to sell my albums and I have recently discovered that they are selling my album bubblebaby on itunes. They can dig their own graves I can’t worry about parasites from the past. We all get what we deserve. I get to make music and they get to be talentless bafoons that must steal other peoples talent to get by. It’s sad really.

      Scott Blackwell is a cool guy though. I still talk with him. Trying to get him to make music again. Maybe I get a blackwell remix on the new album I am working on.

      Thanks for listening. I am happy to share the tunes with anyone who is interested. Keeping my music free for the past ten years has allowed me musical freedom to create the various craziness you find here.


    1. I will be posting a new wormsign project soon and I will try and upload oddities then. Sorry I haven’t done that yet, I thought it was up already. 🙂


  8. Wow, thanks SO much for the original mix of Analogue. Just recently dug out Odd again and I had forgotten how much I loved it! I even finally found an actual copy on CD to replace my cassette and flawed CDr copies!

    And it goes without saying that Ambient Theology is one of my all-time hands-down favorites! (although I guess I just did say it)

    So, what is this “Oddities” you speak of? I am intrigued! Please post soon!

    – Randy (trogdawn)

    1. Thanks for listening. In honor of you asking about Oddities, I have put it up for you. Enjoy!! Two discs of demos and out-takes from our virus years.

  9. I did the “Forest (Big Mix)” but I think I remember emailing about that before. I can’t remember if it bounced or not. That was all a number of years ago (1997 if I remember correctly).

    Glad to find you guys again, I don’t think I’ve heard the Analog before Scott’s EQed (and I guess bass fx destructored) version. There is some clipping that happened before/inside of some analog gear too (tilted peaks). Sonics aside, which of the two versions do you like better musically?

    1. NICE! I don’t remember getting that, but awesome! That is cool. Thanks! Cool mix.

      The original is still my favorite. It’s not mastered. Just raw out of the board from the keyboards. The mastering seemed to muddy up the low end.

  10. Wow, it was so cool to find this. I’m so pumped to have Analogue again. I used to listen to that tape all the time on my walkman when I did my paper route. I’ll be sure to check out your new stuff after I finish this trip down memory lane. I’m rather surprised how well this has held up. I got my hands on an old Prophecy of Panic cd a little while back, and it turned out to be a lot more 90’s techno than I remembered (which I guess is to be expected). You guys always had a good unique sound, and it’s great to be able to listen to it again. Thanks so much for uploading it.

    1. That’s a huge compliment, you have no idea. It was so paramount to us at the time to make our music as timeless as possible. So much of dance music is about flowing with trends. We really wanted to make things fresh and bring more of a song writing flair to a world driven by tech heads and DJs.

      I hope you like the new one when it drops.


  11. I would just like to say that I listened to your music a long time ago and have had such a hard time finding it since…so here is a little Christmas story.

    My son found something really awesome..He gave it to me as a Christmas gift (early) and I was shocked! He was standing around in this store that had a little row of cd’s and he leaned back and happened to put his hand on a cd I had not seen in years! Luckily, he knows me well and the music I like, and the legendary stuff I always wanted back.. It turns out he was pretty shocked himself! It was the Virus “odd” album and in really good shape! He couldn’t help but listen to it first before considering wrapping it up and giving it to me as intended, as it turns out he loves it. So he burned it and then wrapped it up lol. That’s not all! He decided he liked this one so much that he went online to look for more info about Virus and finally stumbled upon a website!

    Now that I’m here, it’s like I have been re-united with a long lost friend. You guys rock! I wish you’d keep making albums!

    1. That’s a really awesome christmas gift. Thank you and your son. Odd is my favorite album I would say. It was a lot of fun back then. I’ll be dropping the new album soon and I we are talking about doing a remaster of the first indie release of analogue. We will see. Thank you for taking time to say hi. I hope you both enjoy all the strange and varied music I have on the site.

  12. Wow I love your guy’s stuff… I stumbled upon a copy of “Odd” in a used bookshop while I was watching a local band play at the cafe next door and flipped. I only had “Analogue” for such a long time, but searching for Virus on the net and hoping to find this music is impossible. So when I finally got Scott Blackwell’s name I knew I would have good fortunes in finding more music. I was more than pleased to stumble onto this website, and I am thrilled with the musical exposure I am getting now. Thanks so much for producing such amazing music! As an emerging artist of my own, working primarily with MIDI sequencers, I am totally inspired by you guys.

    1. Thanks! That’s awesome to hear. I don’t even own a copy of our albums expect the indie release analogue. Post up links to your stuff love to hear it. I am sending off the tracks for my new Wormsign/Virus project. Keep an eye peeled and thanks for stopping by.

      Enjoy the tunes.

  13. One of the reasons I am so appreciative of you guys is that you guys just want people to listen to your music and offer it as a free download. I think those are good morals to stand by. My music is also free, so if you just so happen to like any of it follow the download link after listening. I thought I’d post some of my more electronic music here, but I also do a bit of classical music and rock here and there as well.



    Explosions in the Corona

  14. I guess this is as good a place as any to ask 🙂 Does anyone remember the album Return to Ritual by a group called Synergy? Impossible to google since every musician seems to have named their band Synergy at one stage. Who did that? Are they still around?

  15. Wormsign, a thousand “thank yous” for this site and for creating the album, “Odd”. It is the soundtrack to one of the most deep and meaningful years of my life…And I’ve had an immensely deep and meaningful life! Odd fell into my lap and even though they say it’s impossible for the laser to wear out the cd…I think I accomplished that. My taste ranges from Amadeus and Kraftwerk to Pendulum and The Cure and everything in between. There is true wonder and power in your productions and I’m privileged to have experienced it. Best of luck on your endeavors!!

    1. Thank you, Trevor. And congrats on the Deep and Meaningful life! Honored to be a part of it. Truly humbling. I hope you live a long and prosperous life, my friend. GB

  16. oh wow, just found this page and I wanna thank you guys so much for posting your discography, also been an NSoul listener back in the day as well as an amateur performer as well (opening for Prodigal Sons on a New Years show was a crowining moment in that short lived career actually) Odd and Bubblebaby actually still are on rotation in my playlist to this day, they’re good stuff

  17. Holy stinkin cow! I have been trying to find/buy these albums for years! Analogue changed my musical tastes forever – changed my life and the kind of music I make myself. I played this tape until the magnetic material wore off, bought the cd again and played that until it wore out too (I never knew CD’s could be worn out until I wore that one out!)

    Thank you for being here, for making this site, for making absolutely incredible music. Sorry to hear about the difficulties in your career.

  18. Well thanks a lot Usarian…Here i was minding my own business, working like crazy, trying to wrap up month-end stuff and BAM! I get this alert to this message and now, I am frozen, helplessly mezmerized by Virus playing in my head…Best distraction, EVAR! Wormsign to the FACE!

  19. The discovery of your site is pretty massive! I had no idea you made tons of Analogue on an M1!! Around the same time, I use to play an m1 in church all the time.
    Then, I’d go home and make music with cakewalk lite, rebirth, an AWE32, (later on I got the dream: the Yamaha DB-50XG daughterboard synth!). Always dreamed of being able to come down and connect with nSoul, Virus, Prodigalsons, or Zero.

    Anyway, thanks Greg for putting all this up! Sifting through all the comment,s am I right to think there is new Virus work planned?

    I’m just getting back to listening to the old recordings, then I see I have lots of catching up to do on Wormsign etc. Are you ever looking for new collaborations?

  20. Well, this does take me back a ways. My name’s Brian – my older brother Erin and his roommate at Evangel, Rory (or Roar-E, or however he was spelling it at the time) are in the liner notes of the original orange pressing of Analogue. I guess they used to kick it with you folks, or something – the story’s kinda lost over the last nearly 20 years.

    Analogue will always hold a very special place in my heart. This album and Joy Electric’s Melody were my first introduction to electronica, and among the first 5 CD’s I ever owned back in 94/95, prepping my not-quite-15-year-old brain for Daft Punk and Crystal Method, who hit the scene big not long after.

    Anyway, I lost the disc and insert to my original orange pressing (still have the case somewhere, no idea where though) and purchased it again when it hit N-Soul with the updated track listing. I was actually on a quest to find one of the originals for a present to pass on to Erin (since he wasn’t in the ‘thanks’ on the N-Soul release), and possibly a copy for myself to replace mine. I don’t know if you still have any left in that box or two in the garage, but if so send me an email. Even if there’s not one for me in there, if I can pass you Erin’s address to get him a copy I know it would put a massive smile on his face.


    1. I actually remember Erin, of course! And I still see Rory from time to time. Ah the ol evangel days. Long time ago.

      I may have a few copies left of the orange one. I’ll take a look and get back at ya! Tell Erin I said HI for sure!!


  21. Love you guys! I got the label version of Analogue and loved it as a teen in the 90s, I only got Odd in the last few years (from Amazon) – and am loving it! Ambient Theology was a big deal for me, and I still hold it in high regard. Thanks for being awesome and creating this stuff. 🙂

  22. I listened to the green label “virus analogue” on 5 or 6 separate visits to the bookstore I frequented. I finally pulled the trigger and bought it, and enjoyed it (until my car was broken into and my entire collection of music was stolen).

    I have to say, I had no idea “ambient theology” was the same group, I mocked that album mercilessly, the “toilet song” received the most criticism. “kaploosh”. LOL

    I looked for you guys on spotify, but couldn’t find you there, my friend tracked you down through discogs and so here I am. Glad to find you, and it’s nice to be able to listen to these again after all these years.

  23. I’m really glad to have found this website. Back in the 1990’s, when I was working on my philosophy Ph.D. in Detroit, and I would listen regularly to the ODD CD — and still listen to it often today. It’s just as fresh today as the first time I listened to it. It’s amazing work. I’m in Dallas now, and I tried to find out more about Virus online back in 2006 or 2007 without much luck. However, I did, at that time, discover the Ambient Theology CD which I previously didn’t know about. That, in turn, led me to a YouTube video of a song called “Writing in the Sand” (which is listed as “Track 5” of the Ambient Theology material above). I remember the day I discover that piece. It is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard — hypnotically soothing, arresting, and crushingly beautiful.

    Thank you,


    1. Thanks Sloan. That is one of my favorite albums we did. In a way it embodies all the hope and dreams that we had of making music. This was a time of naive optimism before the reality of the world of commercial art forms crushed in and the whole thing changed. It was the second album after we were signed and the first with our new studio. We were on top of the world and I think it shows in the raw creative energy of the record. Stefan’s influence comes to the foreground on this one. The first album was kind of my project I brought him into, but on this album the genius I saw when I first met him began to show. I’m glad you liked it. Some wormsign works in the similar vein would be “Requiem for a dying light” you might like that too. Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to hear that music we created so long ago is still meaningful in peoples lives.

  24. I found it! Hahaha I’m so happy. I’ve had these songs in my head for so long. I probably still have my CD somewhere, who knows where. Design, Ice, Air Castles… Visions. Oh man. This is awesome! Thanks so much for this. You have no idea what this was for me growing up.

    My mom would occasionally let me pick out music from the small Christian bookstore in a nearby town, and whenever the lady that ran it heard something like this coming out of the speakers on a demo disc, she would get rid of it. A small town like I lived in this was the devil’s music. Virus Analogue – I never knew if that was the name of the group or what, and my friends were always freaked out to put it in their computer since it said Virus on it.

    I spent hours playing Doom and Link to the Past on my SNES zoned out to these songs. Thanks again.

    1. I hear you on the bookstore selections brother, growing up in a small town myself, I had to limit most of my musical input to the crappy christian music store downtown. When i got older the reason I did the virus project was to reach back and give some decent music to those trapped in that world. It’s filled with such mediocre swill, I felt like it was a worthy cause. There needed to be music you could play around your friends without embarrassment.

      I spent a lot of hours playing doom and Snes while making these songs. Glad to know it helped.

      Thanks for the message.


  25. I have to echo so many replies here and say that “Odd” was a critical to my life at the time I first bought it… i remember listening to it for hours on end, both cds, and loving every minute/hour/day/week of that sonic journey…

    Thank you so much!

  26. thanks so much for making oddies volumes 1 and 2 available! i bought all of the virus and virus related stuff back then (at my local christian bookstore and at cornerstone). i just pulled my copies of oddities 1 and 2 out of shrinkwrap(#49 and 51) a few months ago (last year) and i can’t get them to play properly. (everyone has lots of ruined cdrs from paper labels from back then right?) thanks again!!!

  27. Muchas gracias for sharing your music!
    I bought Odd from Family Christian Stores after hearing Analogue.
    Although analogue had much more influence, Odd was in my life when I met my woman of my life.

    Peace & God bless y’all!

  28. So glad I found this website. Still furious that Virus got totally jacked by a bad record label; they were not the only ones. When I was coming out of the world as a baby Christian this music helped me big time. Most of the ‘christian techno’ was horrible, but Virus could hang with the best. I am a ‘techno dad’ all grown up with a family now. But I still bang wax as a hobby in my home studio…if only I could have a vinyl dub press of babybubble experience! So much good acid that would blend well with the current techno coming out of U.K., Los Angeles, and Germany. Virus was ahead of their time…forgive the fools who ripped you off. God will vindicate you! In the mean time just know that God used your creativity to encourage a lost sinner…who is now a pastor

  29. Part.2 …wow…gave ODD a listen. Been too long; forgot how deep that stuff was…memories of listening to ODD before heading to see underground d.j. gigs in Canada; even my heathen cousin dug ODD. Ambient Theology remains an influence in how I put my records together for a set. I remember seeing Prodigal Son’s live P.A. in Compton, and remained friends with Brian Scroggins of (P.O.P.) until his death…the stuff he was putting out as K-Ohm was solid….I had booked for a gig in Canada but it fell through cause he forgot his passport at home and they would not let him on the place!! The good old days…(sigh). Take care and thanks for the good memories…blake the pastor from Georgia

    1. Thanks for your kind words. It’s amazing to see the influence out music has had over the years and I am honored to be part of it. Keep in touch.


      1. Yes sir Gb. Will stay in touch…I will listen to the newer albums I never heard on this site and give feedback…have a good day. I will pray for you today. Thanks and glad you are encouraged; God’s providence transcends those foolish people who stole from you. I can’t imagine how painful that would be!! It would be like people stealing my sermons and making money from it…like taking a piece of my hard work and heart…so wicked. But look at the eternal fruit from the music you made. Have a great weekend…

  30. Thank you for posting these albums!

    Ambient Theology and ODD were an almost constant soundtrack to my late teens and early 20s, and had a lasting influence on my musical tastes and life in general.

    I’m very excited to find all your albums available to download here as I wore out the CDs years ago and didn’t think I’d be able to find new copies.

    ODD is a fantastic piece of work, and listening now, it’s as great as I remembered. The background as to how the albums came about is interesting too – I must have spent hours trying to decipher Stephanie’s lyrics, and to hear there sort of weren’t any makes a lot of sense!

    Thanks again, your music means a huge amount to me.

  31. Some great music here! – thank you. Ambient Theology is such a great concept and album – so much depth in it. I used to play it for my kids when they went to sleep (until it was replaced by my own album – got to keep it in the family!). Recently, I put it on because I hadn’t listened to it for ages and my son heard the first track and got so excited – he said, ‘Is this the music I used to listen to when I went to sleep? I love that song with the ducks in it!’ He was referring to the second track where the splashing water makes the beat.
    And I still love disc 2 of Odd – great mood, great vocals, great beats – thank you!

    1. DUCKS!! Love it. That’s cute. Wow, thank you for you’re kind words. Glad to be a part of your lives.


  32. How are you not charging for your contributions to the art???! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy free stuff! Lol.. I bought the album odd released back working at a Christian bookstore and fell in love. Then my disc broke years later and haven’t found you till now. Your music is right in line with today’s…ahead of its time then….but dated to me because I heard it then! My daughter’s loooooooove this, and we’re big daft punk fans…. I don’t know if you need better marketing or what… nsoul Obviously is trash…or as you put it a®©°|€$ 🙂 all that to say thank you! & when you start charging…we’re buying! Lol (but not from them!)

  33. And if you’re hesitant because you have few and far between comments here…. it’s no marketing! We had no idea you were here till our albums died! 🙂

    1. Thanks! It’s nice when someone cares enough to respond. Marketing music in this day and age is a bit of a mystery to me. But if the opportunity comes along, I’m game.

      I love that you said Daft Punk.. huge shoes to fill.. One of the best.

      Thanks for listening. I will be working on some new music soon. Keep you posted.


  34. i love virus, thanks again for putting these up, i downloaded them long ago, i actually met one of the guys that was employed to burn those bunk cds too btw, small world

  35. Like most everyone who has left comments, I’m most appreciative of your creative output. I turned people onto VIRUS via shifts on my college radio station & mixtapes through the 90’s. Freshman year (’93/’94), my roommate had that N*Soul sampler with a few cuts from “Analogue” on it. We WORE those tracks & few others out. I loved reading that you all were into Cocteau Twins while working through “Ambient Theology” & into “Odd”. They have been one of my favorite acts for the past two decades.

    I see in previous posts where you were planning on releasing new sounds, but I don’t see where it ever posted. Is there a link I’m missing?

      1. If you look there’s albums on here from 2003 or so up too now. I just didn’t create this site until a few years ago so the posted date will be different than the release date which is under the album title. The main page has my regular work. The experimental page is just that, experimental, all kinds of strangeness there.

        The cocteau twins are still one of our favorites. Stephanie went on to become pretty familiar with them.

        Thanks for stopping by, Hope you find something you like.


  36. I was a huge fan of Virus back in the day. I played my cassette copy of Analogue so often that I broke the case and transferred the tape reels to a new case. My music collection still includes a couple cassette players simply so that I can listen to that tape still. Thank you for the great music and the 20 years of dancing.

  37. So happy to find this site. I worked at a Joshua’s Christian Books back in 95-96 and discovered “Odd” there. One of my fraternity brothers heard it in my car one day and fell in love with it, so I bought him a copy too. He and I still love that album just as much two decades later. “Sun” has a special place on my “calm down” playlist for when I’m stressed. Funny you should mention the Cocteau Twins. Because they’re on that playlist too, but “Sun” comes first!

    Looking forward to hearing your newer stuff.

  38. I was playing your music and when we got to the middle of song 68141 VIRUS – ANALOGUE 2.0, around the 6:30 mark, my kids informed me that it was the Minecraft soundtrack. I tried doing some comparisons to the minecraft theme song on youtube and it is not exact, but there are definitely some very similar elements. Just thought you might find that interesting. Thanks for making this website…my brother had your analogue album when I was a kid and I have been trying to find it for years…just found this site last night. Great music that brought back great memories!

    1. Thanks for dropping the note! We love minecraft and I have never made that connection before. I wonder if Marcus was a virus fan? That would be crazy. It wouldn’t have been the first time that Virus tracks ended up in something without our knowledge. There was a movie back in the day called Black Sunday that used Virus tracks for it’s soundtrack and never told us about it. One day we are watching this crap movie and wait a second, isn’t that our song??

      Hope you enjoy the rest.


  39. Hey I love your work, and Analog and Odd especially were wonderful soundtracks to do deep thinking to and helped get me through some rough times 🙂 Sad to hear that things went south with you and the label. I had a question though, I see there is a creative commons license on the music, and I would like to use some of it as background tracks to my YouTube channel and I wanted to make sure I did it the right way and had permission to use it 🙂 I am a balloon Decorator so it will be background music of walkthroughs of my designs and building balloons : )

    1. You are welcome to use it in non-commercial (not selling it or using it in TV or Movies) ways as long as you give credit and a link back to the site if you can. Send me a link to the finished project, love to see what you do.

      thanks for listening.

  40. This website is a pretty amazing find! I stared listening to Odd (yet again) a few days ago and decided to do some digging on what happened to the band, then I came across this wonderful website!

    I remember (all those years ago) buying Virus:Odd as a teenager and listening to the album over and over and over in my first car (a beat-up 1991 Chevy Cavalier). I listened to Odd so often, I just about burned a hole through those two CDs.

    I have changed and grown in so many ways since then (feels like a lifetime ago), but the music from Odd and Analogue continues to be a steadfast touchstone in my life. Virus is one of the few remaining bands I’ve kept in my library from all those years ago. (I continue to listen to Absalom with hungry, happy ears.)

    This music has helped carry me through some dark and despondent years in my life, AND it has also walked with me (through my headphones) on those sunny afternoons when it feels good just to be alive on this planet listening to some amazing tunes.

    Thank you for your music, this website, and making this wonderful part of my life available to everyone!

  41. I have always wanted to know the lyrics to the song sun, on virus odd. I have had this album for about 25 years, and the song is beautifully put together. Can you get back to me with that info, or direct me to someone who can? THANKS!!!

  42. Hey Wormsign! Thanks for all of the great music! I’m not sure how long ago I discovered you but I was able to get a few of your cd’s back in the day. If you still have an Orange Analogue cd lying around, I’d love to buy it off of you. it would look great next to the Green one I have. 🙂

    Let me know, thank you!

  43. Hello from 2021! So happy this site still exists! I bought Odd off the Christian Record Store Shelf when it was current. Also Bubblebaby – same way. At the time, I was producing music more toward the trance direction and topping charts on the old site. I dropped a demo to Scott Blackwell and the timing sucked. Scott left N*Soul to start MYX Records and to get things moving, left me in Phillip Kim’s hands. I was tossed over to Bass 9 records, a tiny label in California. I got a call, they wanted to sign a contract, mailed it over (it was 1998!) and I had a lawyer read it. I would have lost all my music, all control, and earn a whopping 35 cents per CD / vinyl print. I was discouraged … and so encouraged by you and all the others that went for it, and got their music published. I was Binary Time Lapse by the way. I have nothing online now – and inspired by your blog to make my own. Thanks for the music, the inspiration, and the memories that your music brings to mind brothers!

    1. That’s awesome Rob.. Glad you didn’t sign your life away. I have self released most of my music on the main streaming services. It is so easy now. You should release your stuff!!! Get it out there!

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