Songs for the Scarlet Woman

wormsignscarletwomanSongs for the Scarlet Woman
An Apocryphal sound ritual by Wormsign
2008 w013
01. Falling from Heaven burnt my wings
02. Adrift on the Marbled Orb
03. Finding refuge in a stone
04. Living in HIS shadow
05. She spoke to me in whisper, Diana
06. Narcisis bends the knee
07. It seems so far away now
08. At once she touched, My heart then sings
09. A new day breaks, A new day born




    1. and you pick my other favorite too. I do love this album. It was a nice blend of things. I was really getting back to some of my early 90’s roots. I was really into the ethereal music of the 4.a.d label. I love robin guthrie and his sound haunted me for years. You can hear it coming through on the virus album Odd. Stephanie’s voice was magic, she captured that spirit of Elizabeth Frazier. Not coincidentally our lovely ms. stephanie’s ended up singing for Massive Attack. This album was me getting back to that sound and finally putting something down that I wished I could have done back then. Of note on this record are the tracks Adrift on a Marbled Orb and At Once She Touched, My heart then sings are songs created entirely of vocal performance with a mic and effects. Layers of vocal and a soda can I had laying there.


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