Big In Japan

Big In Japan

01. Voices From Stillainte
02. Last of our kind
03. Rollin sweetcakes
04. Control Issues
05. Boogya
06. Empty Rack
07. In times of doubt
08. Longest Dream
09. Zombie Love Theme 2




    1. One of my favorite tracks on that album!! The sample is from the martian chronicles. Big impact on me as a child. Sci Fi really shaped my sensibilities. It opens you up for such Larger philosophical conversations than normal fiction. It gets those ideas under your skin.

      1. Awesome, thanks for the tip. I spent some time on Youtube and couldn’t find that scene. But very interesting looking series.

        Yeah, sci fi definitely helps you to think bigger. When you’ve grown up with that, you can’t but laugh at the ant-science, anti-history (anti-truth) rhetoric some Christians spout.

        Do you still read sci fi? Have you read any of Cory Doctorow’s works?

      2. I haven’t read Doctorow, although I do read boing boing everyday as part of my daily morning blog ritual. I wish I had a clone of myself to just sit around and read and drop that experience into the collective hive mind that we would share. Then I could work and create and still have time to watch the movies and read the books I really want to. When i do find time to read, I tend towards Phillip Dick and Pope Bob. I am planning another read through Illuminatis in the coming months.

    1. Gavin, Since you asked. I am uploading a few of my albums to soundcloud in their uncompressed master format. So while it’s not a remaster, it is a chance to get the highest quality versions while they last. I’ll be uploading a few more as I go.

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