Knightriders is on Soundcloud!


Had fun with this one. Inspired by the theme from the show Knightrider and my love of 80’s synthpop, these tracks came suddenly on the heels of my return from a stint in the Big Apple. The pulse of the city beats under the surface of these tracks. I close my eyes and feel myself on the 2 train.



  1. Thank you for putting all your music up. I listened to your old stuff, and having hit 40? I wonder how the music I went to college with “grew up,” you know? So, yeah, I’ll be downloading. Thank you 🙂

    Little surprised there’s no donation button?

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for listening. No donation button is on purpose, I don’t want money disturbing my creative life anymore, it taints everything it touches. I’m so much happier since I made it all free and the music can just be what it wants to be unencumbered by the need to please or make some kind of hit.

      Please enjoy freely and if you like it, pass it on.


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