Virus Oddities available for download

At long last I have uploaded the Oddities Volume 1 & 2 to the virus section. These were self released limited editions sold on the festival circuit back in 2001. Now here they are for all to enjoy, two discs of demo’s and out-takes from our years as virus. From the earliest 4-track recordings to our Myx records days with Scotty, these two discs are everything that wasn’t released. Well that is listenable.



  1. I found Oddities 1&2 on some really obscure site a few months ago, and felt really lucky to find it. There’re great tracks on there. (I guess it was…) So I’m just now listening to it again, googled to try to find that site again, and found this one instead. Incredible! Thanks for all the amazing albums; I’ll have to catch up with all the non-Virus stuff.

    1. Thanks Steven. The old stuff is all there and the new stuff is a crazy ride through my musical exploration during the past ten years here in the city of angles. There’s lots of different kinds of odd here. Hope you find some you like!

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