Wormsign – Self Titled



01. Arctic Fox
02. Rock on America
03. Fkkels
04. Crop Circles
05. Hhoeli
06. I’m Alive
07. New Boat
08. Sky
09. Yammo
10. Zoopy




  1. Yay!! I used to date the guy who does mayfairgrin and he had this cd. We would play it sometimes and the track that always stuck with me was Arctic Fox. I never knew the name of it, but I did remember your artist name. Finally stumbled upon your work after all these years and found it!! I just love this song so much. There are just some songs you keep with you and hang onto and treasure, even if they seem long lost. Thank you for having this available and I will be enjoying it many more years to come. — Amy

    1. Thanks!! Drew is great!! I love hearing what songs stick out to others. Arctic Fox is a good choice, I haven’t heard anyone say that one before!!

      Hope you enjoy the rest!!


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